07 March 2011

Appliances Galore at Home

My husband loves hoarding on electronic gadgets and home appliances such as computers, home entertainment set and video players. What does that mean to me? Well, we are accumulating so much energy consumption. The appliances are taking so much space in the house. The cables and wires are getting tangled. I had to purchase several wire looms to organize them. Also, I am getting very confused on which one to use. Believe me or not but we have 4 DVD players at home. One of them is connected to the TV which also serves as the main control for the surround system. The other 3 are probably decoys! I don't recall using them at all.

I told my husband to dispose the other appliances because we don't need another set of DVDs, most certainly not 4 in a household. We also have several laptops and 1 desktop which we use for downloading stuff. It's the downloading center of the house as we call that pc. Again, it's a redundant thing. I thought I have already done end-of-the-year cleaning last year only to realize we have forgotten to get rid of the unused appliances at home. These appliances are almost brand new because we never used them. Such a waste of money!

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