13 March 2011

Blogroll Cleanup

I was adamant at first to clear my blogroll of links from people who asked for a link-exchange but never committed. I am always prompt on linking and most of the time, since I always base these requests from trust, I don't check the other blogger's blog for my link.

When someone asks for a link-exchange, that means a reciprocity, right? Unfortunately, it did not happen to some. So, I did the one thing I feel uncomfortable to do. I cleared my blogroll of bloggers' links who never linked back.

I felt good. Correction, I felt great! If your blog link is still in my VIP Guests' list then that means you've kept your promise to link back. Thank you too for the linky love. As always, I am truly grateful.


  1. Hi, Ria! Chriss here again :) Got your message on fb . I've gradually gotten back to blogging on my second blog - http://teachreadingin90days.blogspot.com and the other one is still running pink-jeep-ebooks.blogspot.com

    Still linked you up on my blogs, as always! Happy blogging!

  2. Thanks for the comments Chriss... Yup, you're still in my blog roll. I have updated the link though to reflect your pink-jeep....

    God Bless!


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