18 March 2011

Demolished Pearl Square in Bahrain

Bahrain government demolished the historical Pearl Square where pro-reform protesters gathered  when the uprising started in Manama.

The iconic square in the heart of Manama was demolished today, Friday to avoid replication of another Tahrir. The famous landmark consisted of 6 sails representing the littoral states of the Gulf namely: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar. On top of the 6 sails was a pearl symbolically representing the common heritage of the 6 Middle East countries.

Below are photos of the famous Pearl Square before and after the demolition. 

Before the demolition

(Photo credit: presstv.com)


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  2. Thanks for the visit Mommy Kero :)Oo nga, I do pray wag sumali ang Dubai sa mga ganyan.

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