16 March 2011

Imminent Danger

Japan is still experiencing after shocks as we speak. The grim reality of facing the catastrophic effect of the recent off-shore quake and tsunami is overwhelming. The threat of a nuclear meltdown is also looming around the Japanese government and the world as a whole.

I am still following the development of the recent natural disasters which hit Japan last week. Bodies are now floating in the coastal areas and the hope of containing the scary nuclear meltdown is becoming dim.

I feel sad and scared. Much as we all want to do our share to help; these events are just beyond our capacity as humans. These things will remind us that there is certainly a higher power greater than mankind.

I pray all these imminent danger come to pass. We need to pray for Japan to have the strength to rebuild its nation. We cannot let the possible meltdown ruin the environment and the rest of the world. I believe that a prayer when said in unison becomes a prayer brigade. Let's do our part in any way we can.

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