11 March 2011

Japan's Quake Aftermath

As of this time, we still don't know the full extent of the off-shore quake that hit Japan today in the afternoon, local time.

We are keeping tab of the events as they unfold on TV and crossing our fingers and praying so hard that family and friends and everyone in Japan right now will be all right.

The tsunami swept through the northern part of Japan which is mostly an agricultural and fishing sector of the country. The quake hit around afternoon on a work day. That meant, farmers were on tending their fields and fishermen were on shore for a catch. The area is densely populated but there will be casualties involved if you have seen the raw footages in CNN and other news agencies.

If I lived there, I would let go of everything material, the house, the car, the things I have worked hard for to live. If I survive a calamity as serious as that, I won't even worry about any motorhome repair, dirty house, ruined vehicles and lost valuables. What is most important now is the right to survive.

My prayers go out to every Japanese people. May this trying times bring all of us together in faith.

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