30 March 2011

Job Opportunity

My brother thinks he is not lucky to have any permanent job here in Dubai. On his five years of tenure here, he only got employed twice and both ended up disappointingly by retrenchment. Both of his previous work experiences were sales jobs in nature. So, when my brother went home for good, he felt a little adamant to accept another sales job. He accepted anyway because it was better than no job at all.

I told him that everything happens for a reason and that his "luck" is not luck at all but blessing from above. He might have not been successful here in Dubai but other opportunities were made available to him in the Philippines. His being there made him closer to his family and that alone is a treasure and an opportunity not to be missed.

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  1. my sister tried to apply for a teaching job in the states but was not successful. I've told her that being a good teacher that she is--her talent and patient are needed by the kids back home;)


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