24 March 2011

Pregnant at 38

Not me! That is for sure. One of my close friends is about to give birth any day now. The whole gang was surprised to hear of the very good news last year when she told us she was "anticipating." Some of my close pals have tried desperately to have another baby added in their brood but none has been successful but her. And we are all happy for her! Imagine, her eldest is already 16 and now she is to give birth 16 years later. We all cross our fingers that the baby will be a girl this time so she has the complete package.

I am thinking of giving her something special because I don't think she has baby stuff left. Aside from that, she also lives in France and I don't think she has taken her belongings there. An ergo baby carrier is on the top of my list and few baby clothes too. I haven't really decided yet because there are so many options. All these baby products in the market are just so adorable.

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