08 March 2011

Public Commuter

It's been a very long time since I last took the public transportation. I either drive or carpool. However, it is inevitable for me to use the public transportation today because my budget is tight and my hubby will use the car. I have no choice.

I felt a bit jittery because I don't know how long the ride would take. The wait was half an hour and the ride home was another half an hour. I am not even talking about the sun's heat that I could take in. It's good that the weather is still pleasant. Otherwise, I would have fainted there.

So it took me 1 hour for the entire process as compared to the 15 mins. drive from work to home. It was a long ride. It felt right though because I didn't have to use up petrol. I was just seated in an air-conditioned bus with nice upholstered seats and a state of the art check-in/check-out card metre. I actually had fun.

I think I'll be doing this often. Never mind the little discomforts; I'm aiming to save money, stretch my stamina and do my part to help Mother Earth in my own little ways.

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  1. hi mommy ria, natawa ako sa comment mo that you get goosebumps when you see acacia trees... hehehe... anyways, i have always been a commuter, probably born to be a commuter! and i have started to train my son to be comfortable in public transports. it's nice to commute actually, but only when you're in an air conditioned bus... LOL!

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