17 March 2011

Still attractive and desirable even after giving birth?

Guest post by Jade of Health and Beauty Diva. She is a health buff wannabe and a blog addict. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching cooking shows and playing with her baby.

After giving birth, the only thing that makes me unhappy is the very loose and wrinkled skin on and around my abdomen after pregnancy. The sight is totally ugly. Though I expected about it because the skin has stretched out nearly to its maximum during pregnancy but still I wonder, rather desperately when I look at the sagging abdomen, whether I will ever be the same again.

I’m really desperate to know how the fabulous celebrities like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Gardner, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez were able to get their original physical structure back after giving birth. I’m really curious on how they did it miraculously. Is it possible that they’ve undergone surgeries like tummy tuck, liposuction (especially the liposuction ireland) or took slimming pills to achieve their sexy body back? They claimed that they got their good physical structure back in a healthy way without undergoing surgeries or taking weight loss pills. They just followed a food plan and workout routines that are safe and healthy.

For me, my responsibility as a mother will be my top priority before my physical attributes. A weight loss program of my choice could wait maybe after my little Sean reached 1 year old. At this moment, I’m enjoying parenthood and I would rather spend my day reading stories, give my baby a bath, and watch him roll instead of working out .

Giving birth will definitely leave some physical changes on us, but it’s our choice if we’ll let it leave us less attractive or desirable. I’m sure that our effort to do the correct exercises to get our figure back , eating a healthy, varied diet to boost our metabolism and keeping a positive attitude could leave us looking better than we looked before the pregnancy.

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  1. after many failed diet's I finally listened to the Dr. "If it grows on a plant-it's food...if it's made in a plant-it's NOT. Limit Fats to 1 per plate, always leave something on your plate, if you don't like it-don't eat it! Start everyday with 1/2 a Hershey Bar (or any plain chocolate bar), embrace the "1 Handful" theory of eat what you want. Join Judo (or any self protection)exert yourself in everything (even sweeping) and Dance everyday!


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