10 March 2011

Summer Is Coming

I am really not so happy with the weather the past year and now. We did not feel the winter at all! It was cold very briefly but not very chilly to the point that we had to wear our winter clothing. It was just okay. It was not like that few years ago. Before it used to rain so hard that the streets get flooded. Sometimes there were even hailstorm for a day or two to signify the onset of a very cold season. Not this season.

It was already very hot this morning. I had to turn the air conditioning unit on. The same case is happening at home. Last 2009, we did not switch the a/c unit on until early May because it was still cold.

I told my husband that the climate is taking a different turn this time. We may have to check out humidifiers soon. I think summer will come very soon. We may not even experience spring because we barely felt winter. I hope that is not the case. It can be very, very hot in this country.

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