15 March 2011

Thankful and Blessed

Ah, the warm feeling of being loved is enveloping me right now. I have tons of phone calls, text messages and greetings posted on my Facebook wall today. I am truly blessed!

I am overwhelmed by the number of people who greeted me and went out of their way to convey their well-wishes for my 39th birthday. I thought it would be a quiet day but my sweet hubby surprised me with a small get-together of friends at home. He already planned it in advance and stopped by the nearest restaurant to collect the order. Isn't he the sweetest or what?

So, my 39th birthday is about to wrap up in few hours. I am still basking in this warm feeling inside because people care and remember.

Thanks everyone! You all know who you are. And to God, thank you so much for another year of bright hope and promises of a better life ahead. I TRUST in YOU.

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