02 March 2011

Volkswagen Minibus Makeover

Our first mini van was the hippie-looking Volkswagen Minibus. It was pale blue with white roof and the big VW insignia on front. I was glad my mom, who had a knack for making things a bit interesting, did not deck the minibus with flower decals and peace signs. Imagine Scooby Doo's mini bus? Got the picture?

I suddenly had a nostalgia when I read from Yahoo that the spacious and hippie favorite mini bus is going to be re-launched. Here is the twist though, it will be resurrected with a make-over!

Volkswagen AG unveiled on 1 March in Geneva a modern concept version of the micro bus. It will be powered by electricity and decked with iPad to control the entertainment system. The concept mini bus is a bit shorter and wider than the original Volkswagen. The boxy contour has been replaced with a more roundish shape. The concept mini bus is also presented in two-tones which the original VW mini bus is known for.

VW has not confirmed if the concept version will be  sent to production. Here are pictures of the old and new for comparison.

New concept Volkswagen mini bus

Original Volkswagen mini bus

(Photo credits: new - AP Photo/Volkswagen, old - fiveprime.org)

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