05 March 2011

Wobbly Cabinet and Loose Casters

We have a small cabinet which can be used for storing books and other small knick-knacks at home. The only problem I have with this cabinet is that the two casters with wheels loosened so it is a bit wobbly. I am scared to put heavy books because it might topple. Although it is not a high cabinet, it can still injure someone like our little Millie.

Disposing the cabinet is not an option because it is very usable and in good condition. The only problem is the base where the wheels are. I am sure it can be fixed.

It's a good thing that we live near Dubai Festival City where the Ace Hardware Depot is located. We can drive there after lunch and replace the busted caster wheels of the cabinet. I have seen some there the last time my hubby and I went to check some other materials for home improvement. I just hope they are not expensive.


  1. Hi Mommy Ria! :) I'll add your blog to my blog roll as soon as I get things fixed, kakalipat ko lang kasi sa WP.. :D

  2. No prob iha :) Good you joined the bandwagon of WP users :) Si Cherry din lumipat na sa WP di ba :)


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