18 April 2011

Coin Collection

I have few friends who collect coins as a hobby. So, whenever I travel to other countries, I always make it a point to give them spare change from the currencies of the countries I have visited so far.

My last trip was in New York so I could only spare some dime, nickels and quarters. I have no plans for future travel yet but I have this coin collection in mind.

Some of my friends are in the advance stages of coin collecting. They collect valuable coins which can be sold in the market at very heft prices, for example, morgan silver dollars, golden coins, commemorative coins and limited edition coins.

I find that hobby very fascinating. I am glad that even if the coins I have are not as precious as some of the coins my friends have had collected over the years, they still consider my contributions worthy of a coin  pouch.

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  1. howdy Ria, I'm in NY I live in the middle of the State, if I can help let me know.


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