29 April 2011

Congratulations to the Royal Couple

Photo credit: Reuters and Yahoo.com
Royal weddings like the one of Prince Charles and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge is like a fairy tale wedding come true. Most girls I know would like to trade places with Kate Middleton even for a day to experience that feeling of grandeur and how it is like to be a princess.

Well, as for me, I can only imagine it but will never really want it. I am just happy to be one of the millions of spectators worldwide of this momentous time in the lives of these two young royal couple - Prince William and Duchess Catherine.

Congratulations to the newly weds and may your union be blessed for eternity.

P.S. I love Kate's wedding gown :)


  1. love her gown too. musta na sis? =)

  2. I hope they haven't had to delay their honeymoon because the press found out where it was, and so they've had to change their plans! They both look gorgeous and happy though!

  3. Very very Congrats !! beautiful Couples and nice smile on face. its superb wedding and interesting info share so thanks


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