09 April 2011

Health Nut - Food for the Heart

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Eating green salad with a healthy drizzle of olive oil is a good lunch meal for the heart. Aside from the green salad, here are more food to consider adding in your palate for a healthy heart:

1. Fruits like strawberries, cranberries, red grapes, oranges and plums (among a few)

These fruits are rich in flavonoids which is are great antioxidants in helping minimize inflammation. Inflammation is one of the bad processes that can happen to your heart. To avoid that, have a hearty-full serving of colorful fruits.

2. Avocado

Although is also a fruit, it is rich in fats that are helpful in lessening the bad cholesterol. Have this though in moderation as you would taking fats.

3. Rye, Wheat, Multi-Grain breads

These breads are rich in fiber and magnesium. Fiber aids in lessening hypertension.

4. Salmon

This deep-sea fish is a good source of omega fatty acids which help lower bad cholesterol and keep blood pressure within range. It is also a healthy source of protein.

5. Nuts

Nuts such as almonds, pistachios and walnuts are loaded with heart-friendly fats. Substitute your chips with a palm-sized serving of these nuts instead.

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