04 April 2011

Money Down The Drain

It is amazing how fast our salaries get depleted here. We regularly receive our salaries via bank credit every end of the month. Unlike in the Philippines, the salary there is split in two, one during the 2nd week and the other on the last week of the month. It is quite a feat to budget one's salary here because we get it in lump sum and the bills to pay are the first to get a piece of the pie.

That is the reason why a lot of expatriates here are swimming, if not drowning, in debts. They have difficulty budgeting and keeping the finances in a tight loop. It is like being an instant millionaire only to squander what you have earnestly worked hard for in a single day.

A lot of expatriates are always seeking for cash advance payday loan from their companies or independent financial institutions to meet due dates on credit card bills and other expenditures which are mostly unnecessary. It is so easy to let money down the drain in this place.

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  1. Really this is very bad think that we got the salary and when we the budget so that is pretty different from the salary and first we have to pays the bill and then if some money is save so we can do something(LOL).Well I like your post this is very nice and the idea you given is also good for take loans.Thank you for sharing with us.

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