29 April 2011

No Exercise Lately

I am such a big slacker! Seriously! I was really very good with my healthy eating last year due to my hypertension and lost some weight. I cannot believe I am heavier than I was last year prior to the onset of my hypertension.

I am getting very concerned and I am starting to think that I am just fooling myself. I have not committed to my goal to exercise regularly. I still run once a week but I will not lose weight even if I drink tons of lipozene if I do not get my act together in terms of eating much healthier food and exercising regularly.

I don't want to promise. I just want to do it. Everyone's starting to notice how pudgy I am becoming and I am getting a little conscious now. I cannot fit on my clothes!

It's now or never. My hypertension is in full throttle again and I have to do this for health's sake. Oh dear God, please give me strength to commit on a healthy lifestyle.

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