12 April 2011

Pay Up Please

It is not a secret that I accept paid posts in this blog. It is one way to augment my meager income. Besides, I do write with integrity and based on experience. I just feel a little bad about a direct advertiser (DA) who contacted me and asked me to write 3 paid posts which I gladly obliged and published. I have already sent the URLs for the 3 posts. The DA did not verify my paypal address and decided to just send it to the email address I use in this blog. I have received a notice from paypal about the payment but in my wrong email. So, I asked the DA to revert the payment to my paypal account which I provided in the same email.

It has been more than 2 weeks since I last heard from the DA, assuring me that the payment would be sent to the correct paypal account. Unfortunately, after repeated "gentle" reminders, I still have not received my payment. I even told the DA that the money is still in his/her account and that I would keep getting reminders about a payment I could not withdraw because it was the wrong paypal address. How hard is it to send a new payment since the one sent would be cancelled by paypal and returned to the payee eventually, if no one claims?

So, I did the right thing by pulling the posts down from my blog. I even left it there for sometime thinking and hoping I would get paid. Sigh, have I been scammed?!?

I feel sad about the whole thing. I have done my part but why can't the DA do his/her part? It's a mere few bucks to spare but enough to put food on our table. 


  1. from now on just put an intro line or two until payment is received.

  2. this ain't good!!!

    sometimes, DAs are not reliable.. :(

  3. Thanks for the comments Genny and Gagay! Well, as we speak, the DA still has not forwarded the payment to the correct paypal address. I just give up. Next time, I am not letting that DA get away


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