16 April 2011

Peeps Show

Ok, before people start assuming things, this is not a bad post. On the contrary, this is a very cute post about the small marshmallow treats called Peeps which are not only cute but also edible!

Every year, Peeps management hosts a contest on the use of their product Peeps in very creative diorama form. The winner this year is the "Chilean CoPEEPapo Mine Rescue" based on the real-life rescue last year in Copiapo, Chile.

The winning entry is made by Mary Jo Ondrejka, Margaret Hartka, and Bryan Metzdorf. Their work is very meticulous and the attention to detail is superb.

Here is the video of the winning entry:


  1. Thanks for the great read. Keep it up!

  2. hi ria! musta ka na? it has been a long time. my kiddo is already 2 years old, would you believe? cleaning up my blog and saw your link so i decided to pay you visit :D


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