17 April 2011

Pretty Girls Clothing

I was very happy when I learned that my baby was going to be a girl. I have been dreaming to have a baby girl for my first born and how I was going to dress her up like a little princess. So, when I finally gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, I knew exactly the kind of girls clothing she would have in her wardrobe.

Dressing her up was such a bliss when she was younger. She loved flowing dresses and would even wear her favorite "princess costume" even if we would just go to the mall. She would walk around with her mini lady bag and prance on her beautiful pink tutus. She loved pink - only pink. She was our little princess then. Times change and so are her fancies.

My princess has grown up. She no longer wears dresses nor tutus. She wouldn't even wear any apparel in pink. She has morphed into a young adult sans the fancy frills of a young lady's clothing. She is into jeans and comfy shirts with vests which I find slightly boyish. But if she is comfortable with them, I have no choice but to let her wear her "statement grunge" look. Sometimes, I still take her on a shopping spree in some fancy young adults' clothing lines and suggest girly outfits only to be met with a frown. I even stopped buying her blouses and dresses because I am sure she would never wear them. Most of the girly outfits she had before turning into a teenager are now the precious properties of her younger cousins.

I know she will come around. She is just into this teen-angst phase where being an "emo" is in. I remember my own sister going through that phase but later on went back to her lady-like ways. I am not rushing her but if she ever wants to wear pretty girls clothes again, I'll buy her stuff in a heart beat! 

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