29 April 2011

Retirement Plans

"I cannot work forever!" That's what I told my husband recently as we sat side by side and discussed our future plans. We have to admit, we're still at our prime but I want to strike while the iron is hot. I don't want to save when it's too late or when we're too old where most of the money we have will be used for medication and treatment. I definitely want a windfall that will help secure our future.

I don't have any lofty dreams. I just want to build a house on a reasonably sized lot with trees and foliages. I want to have one or two businesses on the side to help bring in income even after my 9-5 day job. I want to be able to still enjoy the luxury of travelling and see the world as what we are doing now. I want to have a simple vehicle to take me here and there. I want to have a comfortable life. But I definitely don't want to work as an employee again. That's all.

I know the time will come when I have to finally leave the corporate bondage. I feel the time is the distant future but not to far from now. I can still see myself working until I'm 45 but that's about it.

So, as early as now, my husband and I are trying our best to invest on properties so we can sell them off later on. So far, we have managed to acquire 3 properties over the course of 2 decades of enslaving ourselves to the corporate bondage. We sold the other property so we could purchase the 3rd one. Our last project will be the house of our dreams.

Another 5 years won't hurt to save more money. But we have to be wise now. Save now and enjoy later. That's our retirement motto!

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