18 April 2011

Throbbing Headache

I didn't have any bouts with migraine nor had headache spells for sometime now. I think I would akin this to taking my hypertension medication. However, my blood pressure is shooting up the gauge again albeit my work stress level is very minimum.

I haven't been sleeping really well lately. I am just excited over my upcoming vacation back home so my mind is preoccupied at most times. 

My headache today is really over-the-top painful! I cannot take any pain killers because I have an allergic reaction to most medication and analgesic and other form of pain killer tablets or capsules are one of my no-no to take.

I hope I am not coming down with a flu or something. I feel my joints a little achy my body a bit heavy (too much fats?!?).

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  1. hope you're feeling better na. btw, kelan na talaga vacay mo? dapat lunch tayo=)


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