03 April 2011

Too Old for Karate?

It's like a sign from above! That's what I told my husband when we saw the "karate school soon to open" sign near our flat. It is a mere 5-min walk from my place to there so all I have to do is just wait for it to open. Then a thought hit me? Am I too old to learn karate? Are my bones fragile (I'll come to know this part when I do sparing!)? Do I have brittle bones that a slight jam on the shin will break them to smithereens? Am I fit to do that or too fat to even lift my legs? Well, maybe I can learn the rudiments but not join any sparing competition. If I do that, I'll be forever in the white-belt category. So many choices! The dilemma!

Anyway, I have been waiting for the right time to learn new things. Although I am not sure if I even qualify but I just want to try. No harm on that, right?


  1. Ooh Karate!! Amber does Karate and absolutely loves it. She just made green belt! You are going to love it, it's a great work out, you get to yell a lot and wear your pyjamas in the process! And who knows - you might be a natural!

  2. OMG I couldn't imagine getting paid once a month! It would be very easy to see all that money in your account and think "Christmas!!!" Thank goodness I'm not in charge of our bank account!!

  3. One is never too old for anything....go for it Ria.

  4. Thanks Sarah and Bingkee for the encouragement. I have been waiting for the right time to do this. I have considered this for a long time and now that there is a karate school nearby, I think there is no turning back now :) Hugs!!!


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