30 May 2013

Backing Up Files

The number of files creeping in my new laptop is a bit concerning. I try my best to minimize any downloads and copying from other sources to be saved in my laptop. I had the misfortune of crashing my old laptop due to that so I am very careful now.

Unfortunately, my daughter also uses my laptop for her school matters and the amount of information she saves is really high. She has pictures and music files too and I cannot delete them just like that. I wish there is another way to minimize them like saving them on an external hard disk. If only I have the latter.

Another solution I can think of is enlisting in any online data backup service to save our files. These sites offer automatic backup system, support file versioning, photo organizer and gallery features, and scheduler.  Some sites  offer free of charge if you have files to save up to 2 GB. I think that is fairly reasonable compared to the amount of free save I will have after I transfer our files.

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