15 May 2011

Camping Out

I haven't experienced the wonders of gazing under the night sky near a tent and campfire. I grew up in the city so my siblings and I never had that privilege.

I want my daughter to experience the feeling of camping. So when her church group organized a night-out sans the parents a month ago, my husband and I were quick with our permission. We bought Big Agnes Sleeping Bags for her (and also for ourselves for future use) to use. She wrote her name on the bag immediately and you could actually tell her excitement.

The excitement was short-lived because the night-out was not a camp-out. It was a sleep-over. So once again, we are dreaming of the elusive camping activity I have been imagining all my life.

I told my husband and daughter that we should do it this year before winter comes. I want my family to enjoy nature as much as I love to fulfill that childhood dream of a nice camp-out.

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