19 May 2011

Cool Clothing for Him

My husband is not the brand-conscious kind of chap. He will wear anything as long as he likes the style and color. You can buy him 1 dollar worth of shirt for all he care and he will graciously wear it as if it is the most expensive shirt in the world.

I want to get him something fashionable and stylish like the coogi clothing in Man Alive stores. Unfortunately, we don't have that clothing shop here in Dubai so I have to check with my friends who will go to the US to buy some.

I don't want very trendy clothes for him because he's already in his 40s and we grown-ups have to dress according to our age, correct? So, the clothing line in Man Alive can give me plenty of options. I can get him casual shirts and polo and even trousers which he can wear for office during casual clothes day and when going out with his pals.

It's time to update his wardrobe and I hope he will like my project.

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  1. We do have to update our man's look once in a while, although they won't admit it! :) they'll also appreciate us more for that, I guess


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