03 May 2011

Disappointing Animal Treatment in Sharjah Animal Market

I am not so sure if UAE is an animal-loving country. I don't know any law in place about the animals' welfare here. Maybe there is a law; I'm just not aware. However, I do know that UAE is not a pet-friendly country. For one, some pets (like dogs) are considered bad for some religious reasons. Pets are not allowed in the park or near the beach area. Pets are not allowed to be taken to any open court malls for a walk. It's really sad and frustrating for a pet owner like me.

Another frustrating and disappointing fact about the animals' condition in this country is how they are traded like a commodity. Sharjah Animal Market has been the target of many animal-lover supporters to regulate their selling of animals. Some have been found in a very inhumane condition like peacocks bound in a plastic bag and dogs kept in very small cages. Exotic birds and other animals have been sold too in paper bags instead of the proper cages.

Here is a link of some community journalists who shed light on what's happening in the Sharjah Animal Market. Kudos to Gulf News for allowing it to be publicized.

To all of you, if you cannot take care of an animal, then don't get one! Be responsible. Treat them nicely. Imagine what it feels like to be in a cage with your own manure and urine? Want to trade places with an animal? No! Then be kind!


  1. Naku Sis dito rin ang dami mga pet owners na kung saktan dogs nila grabe!

  2. Ay sis Jade. It's really disheartening to see those animals being mistreated for a measly amount of money. Those punks should be put in small cages too!


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