22 May 2011

Karate for my Daughter and Me

I have enlisted my daughter in karate lessons. She is quite eager but a little apprehensive when she saw her future karatekas or in lay man's term - karate practitioners. They are ranging from 6 to 10 years old. Imagine myself donning a karate uniform with them? That will be a bit odd but I really cannot be bothered by what other people will say when I decide to enroll too.

I have also dreamed of learning the art of karate but never had the opportunity and chance to do so. However, I feel that fate beckons me to enroll this time. I may be old but age is not a factor in learning the "striking art." Although the "kumite" part (or sparring) is not in my list of things to do when I finally start karate class. I asked the sensei if there is another way to level up without going through kumite. I am quite relieved to know that there is. I'll just find that out then.

I have made up my mind. I am really inclined to do it for its health benefits and other personal improvement it can contribute to my life and well-being. So, I am doing it!

Karate, hai!

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