27 May 2011

Shopping Again!

It's been a long time since I went on a shopping spree. I was very diligent paying my credit cards and successfully closed most of them. Now, I am enjoying the little extra I have to buy gifts and stuff for my family and friends back home.

I bought a lot of Bath and Body Works products which I can give to my girl friends and female relatives. I also bought some multi-vitamins for my mom. I still haven't bought gifts for my siblings because the Dubai Summer Surprise is coming soon and I will wait for the major sales.

I didn't buy much for myself. I did, however, treated myself and my daughter to a nice salon session for haircut, hair-coloring and keratin treatment. My daughter had a stylish haircut and I love my new hair style as well. I haven't pampered myself like this before so I did indulge there.

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