16 May 2011

Walk For Good Health

I started pounding the treadmill again last month. So far, I can say that I have been very good with my commitment to stick to my schedule.

I fell off the wagon few months ago. I just felt that I didn't have the drive to continue on what I have started last year when I lost weight. Of course, that dilly-dallying cost me my weight loss success. I had to start all over again and who was I kidding? MYSELF!

The month of April was my wake up call when I could hardly fit on my clothes I just wore few months ago. I took a close look at myself in the mirror and I was aghast on what I saw - a very, very rotund version of me! I cried and felt a little insecure. I know it is bad to self-loathe but I felt that. A lot of people  are even making side-comments on my "sudden" pudginess because I was not like this last year. I already shed some of the weight and then I slacked.

I had to convince myself that I am doing this because I don't want to look good but I want to feel good inside and out. There is a difference between wanting and feeling and I want the more substantial one. I may look good but my health is horrible. I will go for the latter. Below are pictures of me - recently taken and how I looked like five years ago. I normally don't post a photo of my very fat image but this is my reality. I want to have that same motivation I used to have and this time it's to feel great inside because I deserve it.

"Bigger" version of me. I wore a loose blouse to conceal my flabby tummy. 

Taken 5 years ago during my "ideal" weight days.  I used to have "flat" tummy and skinny arms. 
So, I am now committed to walk regularly with other exercise on the side like skipping rope and doing jumping jacks for few minutes. I also do half push-ups to tone my arms. My food intake is getting better each week. I am beginning to shun processed food and taking in more fruits and vegetables with lesser sodium. I still eat fried food but using olive oil. My budget is a bit over the top these days because of the food I prepare and eat but you don't put a price on good health, right?

I know it's still a long shot before I reach my desire weight goal. I will get there in due time.

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