04 June 2011

Karate Mama

I posted few weeks ago about my daughter's desire to learn karate. Well, as it turned out, she wanted to take guitar lessons rather than karate. So, I did the unimaginable. I took her place in karate class. Tomorrow will be my first day in karate. I will be learning the basics and will be doing kick-boxing too as part of the mixer class.

I met my very young karatekas last Thursday when I collected my gi. They were whispering to each other when they learned I was already a mom and quite old to be in their class. So what? Karate is not limited to the youngsters. I am doing this for myself and well-being. I need this to help me focus on my weight loss and learn something new as well.

I tried the gi as soon as I got home. My daughter laughed because I looked like a "female sumo wrestler." Arggh! That does it! The karate mama is ready for some action! Bring it on!!! Hai!

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