16 June 2011

Lunar Eclipse June 2011

I am very fascinated with celestial bodies and seeing the beautiful moon on its total eclipse is such a wonderful experience. The total lunar eclipse this time is viewable in South Africa, Middle East and Asian regions. I am very lucky to be able to witness such phenomenon. It started around 10:20 UAE time and lasted about an hour. I didn't wait for the clearing because it would take around 5 hours for the eclipse to run its course.

I captured the different phases of the eclipse with a normal digital camera on night setting using a tripod. Pardon my amateur snaps because I don't have a very good equipment. The settings of the camera kept changing to the default so you would notice some pics were taken nicely and the others were a bit fuzzy. However, it's very rare that we get to see a beautiful scene such as the lunar eclipse. The next one may be in December 2011.

Here are the snaps for those who missed to see it. Enjoy!

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