12 June 2011

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

According to Yahoo Travel and as provided by Budget Travel, here are the most beautiful lakes in the world. And as a spoiler to my fellow Filipinos, our very own Taal Lake is listed. So nice!

Lake Malawi, Malawi - Africa's 3rd largest lake, measuring to 363 miles long and 50 miles wide. It is very rich in underwater stock and the water is crystal clear which is great for snorkeling.

Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada - Lies in the midst of the Canadian Rockies. The waters of this Banff National Park lake are turquoise which is often associated with warm-weather waters of Bora Bora and Antigua.

Crater Lake, Oregon - This lake is a result of a massive volcanic eruption in the Cascade Range thousands of years ago. The water is a deep sapphire-blue hue and the lake is surrounded by towering evergreens and high cliffs.

Taal Lake, Philippines - Known for it's dangerous beauty because it is home to the small but very active Taal Volcano. It is also the deepest lake in the Philippines with a depth of 564 feet.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala - This lake rests at the foot of 3 conical volcanoes. The lake is home to a small Mayan village which line up its shores.

Loch Lomond, Scotland - The picturesque beauty of this lake is like a seeing a movie about the Victorian era with rolling hills and monastery and castle at the background. This lake is 24 miles in length and is dotted with small islands. Some islands are so small that they become submerge during high tide.

Lake Matheson, New Zealand -This lake is known as the mirror lake because of the reflection cast by the lake of Mount Tasman and Mount Cook.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia - The 16 lakes with blue-green waters are connected by waterfalls and hidden by lush vegetation. The area will be ideal for a Jurassic movie sequel.

Lake Nakuru, Kenya - The blue water of this lake is photo-perfect when pink flamingos rest in the shallow waters.

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