29 June 2011

Page Rank

I have been blogging for more than three years. This blog gained a maximum page rank of 4 at one point and decreased to page rank 3 for 2 years. I woke up this morning and randomly checked my page rank for my blogs only to find out that my It's My Party blog went down a notch.

The good news though, my other blog "Home is Where the Heart Is" has 0 page rank but now gained 1 point. I am just wondering what happened? Was there a major update in the system? Most of my blogger friends' no page rank blogs have gained a point too.

Anyway, what is a page rank if you might ask? Page rank is named after Larry Page, the man behind the link analysis algorithm used by Google internet search engine. Some take it as a gauge or give certain weight to the importance of a web page.

I am not that bothered anymore. I will continue to post articles I know will help other people, provide my personal insight on other matters and just write because this is my passion.

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