10 June 2011

Vacation Count Down

We're Manila bound this coming Friday - 17 June and I cannot contain my excitement any longer. I don't feel like going to work anymore as the days near. I just want to board the first flight to Manila the soonest possible time. 

I guess this is brought about by my desire to see my mom who is suffering from mild memory lapses. It's not very critical but I don't want it to lead there. She started having this memory lapse after her stroke last year. I just hope her memory improves.

Anyway, I just want to pull the days so it will be Friday already. I am already in my vacation mode! So, I won't be posting too often for the next 2 weeks as I enjoy my very much needed rest and relaxation. I may check in once in a while if I get assignments. I'll be blog hopping again as soon as I am back in Dubai. 

Vacation time! Tuh-tah for now.

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  1. I know how that feels....hehehe...hope you enjoy your vacation in the Philippines.


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