19 July 2011

Borders to Close

I didn't know that Borders (one of my favorite bookstores in the world) is calling it quits. I read from Yahoo Finance that the 40-year old bookseller has filed bankruptcy last February. It will push through its liquidation plan up to September.

I am wondering if the Borders branches here in Dubai will also be affected since they are franchise of the beleaguered bookstore. I hope not because I love hanging out in that place. I really enjoy sitting in one of their couches and just reading stuff. I will be really sad if it closes down for good.


  1. I agree, it is a shame. They've already closed down two where I live and there's just one left in Ann Arbor.

  2. Thanks for the comment Joy :) Yup, I agree with you. It's so sad to see great sellers like Borders to fold during this economic crisis.

  3. Downloads for the Kindle and other e-book's are now outselling paper copies. Maybe I am old-fashioned but for me you cannot beat the feel of a new book.

    So sorry to hear about Borders

  4. Thanks for the comment Neil. I feel really sad about this news. However, the Borders' branches here in Dubai are still open so I can still visit one of the Borders here.


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