09 July 2011

Gifts of Gratitude

My friends and I are throwing a farewell fete to our good friend Marie. I have mentioned in my previous post that she will be heading back to the Philippines to start a new life as an entrepreneur. We, her friends, are all excited for her because this is what she always wanted. There will be no more stress and reporting to authorities. Her life, her business, her time. That's the good part of her new endeavor.

We cannot let her go without giving her our thanks gifts. She wanted something to remember the UAE so we decided to get her a coffee table book about the country and a blow-up 30 x 40 picture of the five of us. Those are our token of appreciation for the gift of friendship she has given us.
c. riablahgs.com    Our gifts to Marie. We hope she will like them including the card I made.

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