11 July 2011

Hollywood Stars' Downfall

A lot of Hollywood actors and actresses have been in the rehab at one point in their lives due to alcohol and substance abuse. The fast life and their money's easy access to illegal substance and superfluous alcohol are great contributors to some of the Hollywood stars' disgrace or worse, demise.

Tabloids published accounts of famous actors and actresses' out-of-control partying and drug abuse streaks. Internet searches on los angeles detox rehab spiked because of those bad publicity.

Young actors and actresses of today must set a good example and try to avoid the crooked paths their predecessors have taken. They must be wise and know that they cannot be on the top forever. Instead of doing drugs or partying like crazy or even drowning themselves in booze, they can sponsor worthy activities. They can support worthy causes, be young ambassadors of goodwill and save their hard-earned money too.

A Hollywood star's downfall is very certain if he or she does not have a strong moral stand on what is right and wrong. These actors and actresses are human beings too. They can make mistakes like all of us but they can certainly say "no" to bad vices just like anyone of us.

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