31 July 2011

Housewarming Gift Idea

Our good friend and her family moved to a bigger residential unit recently. We were there during the housewarming. My husband and I have realized that we have not given them any housewarming gift yet. I tried to recall what I have seen in her house. The place is furnished and I feel that none of the common things every house must have will appeal her.

I looked around and realized that there are other alternatives to just buying what we can find in the department store. I kind of like the idea of giving something very personal.

The internet is teeming with personalized housewarming gifts within my budget. There are sites which offer housewarming gifts under $20 and would even include free deliver. Unfortunately, we are here in Dubai so I think the shipping will be another matter to consider but I like the idea of giving something that will appeal to her and her family, something they can all share. I think a personalized photo frame which they can put on their console table near the entry way will be ideal. It can be a focal point on the table and a sure conversation piece.

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