16 July 2011

Huge Marilyn Monroe Sculpture in Chicago

Photo credit: Yahoo.com - Getty Images

I saw the jellybeans portrait tribute to the great Marilyn Monroe in one of my friend's photos taken in the wax museum in London and now this - a huge sculpture! The famous grate stance where Marilyn's skirt (underpants and all!) was blown up by the steam is now a famous blown up sculpture standing at 26 feet tall. It is currently on display next to the Michigan Avenue in Chicago. I can't help but say, "I see London, I see France, I see one, big, giant Underpants!"

The statue was created by J. Seward Johnson in depiction of the famous scene of the screen goddess in the movie "Seven Year Itch."   A lot of comments about how creepy the sculpture is, are already circulating around the world wide web and media.

I don't know what to call the over-sized statue - sexist, tacky, tourist attraction, a tribute, iconic or you tell me.

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