22 July 2011

My Karate's a Bust

Remember my conviction to do karate despite of my age and health issues? Well, 1 month later, I still don’t know the steps. I’m still getting very dizzy with the movements and my very young karatekas are already in yellow belt while I still cannot master the fundamental steps – not one! And this is without any exaggeration.

So, much as to my family and friends’ dismay (including mine), I am withdrawing from the class. I don’t feel any regrets joining because it made me more flexible because of the stretches. I also have a new found great respect for the martial art. However, I have realized that my arms and legs (forget the mind!) coordination are way too bad. It struck me that I am not the sporty kind. I knew that then but this experience has cemented that fact.

I’ll just go back to jogging which I really enjoy but I am keeping my "Gi."


  1. I'm sorry, you sound really funny but I'm not laughing for what had happened.. I like the way you deliver it. Well, I had frustrations too in enrolling with martial arts classes, so I'm really with you. (:

  2. Hi flyer Printing,

    No worries. I'm cool :) Thanks for the comment and I do believe that some people are just not born with a gift in the sports department ;)


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