08 July 2011

New iPhone 5 Coming Soon!

My husband just gave me his old 3G iPhone because he bought an iPhone 4 only to realize that there will be a release of the iPhone 5 this fall.

I am a bit sad because my husband hasn't gotten used to his new iPhone 4 and a new one will come out very soon. I even haven't synched the old iPhone he gave me to customize it according to my preferences.

I instantly checked the veracity of the new iPhone 5 release and true enough, I read some articles already circulating in the world wide web that the new iPhone will be sleeker and lighter than the iPhone 4 release. Sources also indicate that the camera will be upgraded to 8 megapixels! That will be a superb smart phone which makes the other digital cameras pale in comparison.

So, with bated breath I will wait for the new iPhone 5. I won't buy it but will be curious of the design and features as opposed to the earlier releases.


  1. heard about it too. it was a good thing i didn't purchase one when we were in singapore. uy follow mo ko sa instagram and do let me know yun instagram account mo. my ID is gfas. seach mo na lang.

    next time ha mas matagal na sana meetup natin. your gifts for LIza and sasha are still with me. Sana magkita kita na kame.

    btw, may thank you post si gwen. read it here:

  2. Your welcome MG! I'm really glad that you liked the headbands. I was trying to leave a comment on your blog but I couldn't type anything on the box allocated for the comments. I wonder why....hmmmmm.



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