30 July 2011

Placenta - Will You Ingest It For Health Reasons?

I have been hearing tales about how some mothers would ingest their "cooked" or dried and encapsulated placentas to keep postpartum depression at bay. I have seen handmade soaps infused with placenta and I dare not ask if the placenta used is of human or animal. My stomach turns just by thinking about it.

I may be one of those with the faint heart and stomach. I think I cannot eat my own placenta inspite of the health benefits a lot of people claim about it. My personal opinion about placentophagia or the practice of eating the placenta is leaning towards the Hannibal Lector kind. So pardon me. I don't wish to offend those who have found this practice really helpful and beneficial health-wise.

Here are some health benefits of ingesting placenta which I scoured in the internet:
It replenishes nutrients lost during pregnancy because placenta has a high content of vitamins such as B6.
It curbs postpartum depression.
It aids in the production of milk.

Well, the health benefits are quite few but a lot of young mothers these days are trying this placentophagia. People justify this practice to be helpful to women who have given birth since other mammals do it too. 

No matter what Science or Medicine or other experts say about this practice, I don't think I can ingest mine. So, how about you?   

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