03 July 2011

Until We Meet Again

I will never get used to saying good byes nor farewells. It's not a happy feeling when you know someone so dear will leave you here. Although a part of me is sincerely happy for my friend's decision to go back home, I feel a tug in my heart because I will miss her company so much.

My good friend Marie of 8 years is finally saying good bye to us this 15th of July to pursue her dream of opening a business in the Philippines. We have talked about our dreams many times already and finally, she will be living her dream and seeing it fulfilled.

I am very happy that she will be free from the corporate bondage and do as she wishes without the authority of someone higher than her except our Almighty. I am equally excited because she always wanted to be a businesswoman and in few days, she will be one.

I know it's not good bye or farewell for us because we will see each other again soon. She lives near my place and we are in the same province in Bulacan. Although she will be away, I know the communication line will never sever.

I will miss you Marie. I will miss your hearty laugh and funny jokes. I will miss the words of wisdom and spiritual guidance you always impart but most of all, I will miss the sisterhood and friendship you unselfishly gave me, Glecy, Lizette and Grape.

So, I guess it is more apt to say... until we meet again. Take care and live your dreams!

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  1. Parting really is such sweet sorrow. I hate goodbyes too. I can't help but break down and cry when somebody close to me has to leave.


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