10 July 2011

Why I Love Tulips

Photo credit: from a forwarded email

Tulips have a certain charm that I cannot shake off. I instantly fell in love with the flower the first time I saw a bouquet of tulips in a flower shop many years ago. I love the way the petals look like, broad and upward and forming a cup. The flower does not look very complicated at all. When you see one, you know it's a tulip because of the flower head, the tubular stem and the long narrow leaves.

Unlike other flowers out there, the tulips are simple and they don't possess any crinkly part in their botanical structure. It's a very stream-lined flower and that's why I love it so much. It's very easy and pleasing to look at.

Here are some information on tulips:

  • Although it is widely associated to The Netherlands, tulips had been commercially cultivated in the Ottoman Empire and some vast arid areas of Africa, Asia and Europe.
  • It belongs to the Liliacaea family in the botanical kingdom.
  • It grows one flower per stem but some variations can have several flowers in one stem.
  • It is a perennial plant which normally blooms during spring.


  1. it's one of the *very* few flowers that i can name on sight. hehehe.

    visiting you here. been a while ;)

  2. Ganda nya talaga sis ano? Musta na?


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