07 August 2011

Autumn is Coming

The hot season will soon come to a halt as we welcome with open arms the coming of autumn. Though, not weather-wise yet.

I am feeling some changes on the weather where it is normally hot becomes a bit breezy. I find that bizarre because late July up to August is the peak of the summer heat here in the UAE. Last week, it was cloudy on some days and you could actually feel the welcoming breeze we all missed. Some plants in the Dubai municipality areas have been replaced with a the kind that thrives on colder season. The dates are well-riped. Humidity is still bad but becoming bearable. And this is my favorite part, the shops or boutiques have already changed their collections from summer to autumn. Most of the summer collection have been put on major sale.

I reckon it won't be long and we will be feeling the nice, cool breeze of fall. My warm clothes are just within reach :)

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