04 August 2011

Child Fashion Muse - Is it Bad or Good for Fashion?

I don't know what to think or say when I saw a picture of a 10-year old girl, dressed up way beyond her years with full make-up on in high-killer heels. While I admire the artistry of the photography but the theme was a bit disturbing. It's like making a Lolita out of the 10-year old French kid named Thylane Lena Rose Blondeau.

I am not a prude or righteous but this is why kids these days act and think funny. The fashion industry is playing with the very vulnerable minds of the youth because of what they splash on the covers of their fashion magazines. Vogue is an example. Not only that, the photo which is now circulating all-over is an easy access to the sick people of the world.

Plenty of people are justifying the photos, saying it is done for fashion purposes. But a lot of people feel and think otherwise. Let's use our common sense, shall we? I am a woman and seeing those pictures will not make me buy those clothes, shoes and make-up especially if they are worn by a 10-year old kid. What was the aim of that? Fashion pushing the boundaries or the industry just lacks the moral obligation to send correct signals?

I personally feel and think that this is tad disturbing and downright scary in a sense that Vogue has just sexualized the youth. The 10-year old model looked very adult in a pose that I cannot describe whether it is being "suggestive" or something. I certainly don't want to entertain other thoughts than to feel bad for this kid and how her parents let her pose like this. Not only that, I scoured the internet too for other articles about this kid and I even saw her in a half-naked picture. What is going on there? I wonder!

Now, the big debate is how young is too young to become a model? Is the fashion scene taking this lightly or the industry have no regards to a young person's well-being, speaking in a "normal" context. Shouldn't we be protecting the kids and their welfare and realize that there are psychos out there? This cover-shoot has just ignited some flames and I don't think it's good.

It frightens me to pick up the magazines these days. What will I see next? Babies in their birthday suits on the covers of famous fashion magazines? Now, that's crossing the line!

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  1. That's nothing short of child exploitation, in my book. I have utter disdain for parents of these kids.


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