25 August 2011

Eid Sale

I just came home from the mall. I went straight to the mall after work to pass away the time and the traffic during Ramadan.

I am a bit surprised to see major boutiques with price reduction and major sale. Normally, the sale happens during Eid or at least few days leading to the holiday. The sale is rather early this time so the malls can get more shoppers.

The sale signs are just everywhere, from shoes to perfumes to clothing to electronics and supermarket. The cigar and magazine shops also carried best cigar deals signs that I don't usually see.

I didn't come home empty-handed. I bought some grocery stuff, dog food, gym ball, skipping rope and an office wear. I wanted to buy clothes for my daughter but I held the thought because next week is the announcement of Eid so more shops will eventually mark their prices down. I will probably wait for that.

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