27 August 2011

Fancy Things and the Eid Holiday

The rich and the richer are gearing their fancy cars again because the long holiday is upon us. Eid is just around the bend and a lot of people celebrate this in the Middle East region as a symbol of the end of Ramadan. The affluent people share their blessings and some drive around town with their new flamboyant toys, complete with high-end accessories like boss motorsports rims, interactive GPS, sunroof, high-tech keyless entry, and you name it. It is also during this time where they throw the old stuff or donate them to the less fortunate people and they change some of their belongings or upgrade them.

Eid is like Christmas for the people here in Middle East. They celebrate this with plenty of festivities. The locals share their blessings to the poor as well by putting up tent and hosting free meals to everyone. They donate to charitable institutions and support local fund drives in bazaars.

This is the season where the locals come out as a "renewed person" right after Ramadan where they observed fasting to know more about themselves and relieve their earthly connection with the material things and to restore their human composition to become a better person.

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